CINCINNATI, OH, May 15, 2011—For the first time ever, doctors will have an easy, professional way to support their practices with integrative medicine.

A new company called Health Elements has created an online tool that will provide medical practitioners and other health care providers with comprehensive access to product information, clinical research and support services for integrative therapies, the branch of medicine that encompasses the complete management of a patient through diet, exercise, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, pharmaceutical and biological products, disease state management and health and wellness counseling.

For instance, doctors will now be able to introduce integrative strategies to support their oncology practices. And patients will be able to access information about lifestyle and health practices, the proven health benefits of dietary supplements and guidance on dosing, drug interactions and other relevant issues.

“For both patients and clinicians, the demand to incorporate health and wellness strategies and integrative medicine into health care is growing exponentially in the U.S.,” said pharmacist Jim LaValle, co-founder of the new company and worldrenowned specialist in natural therapeutics and metabolic medicine. “Health Elements will provide medical practitioners and other health care providers with all of the support and services they need to expand their health and prevention expertise within their practice. We can help them to build this capability with information from many of the world leaders in integrative medicine, and show them how to use proven-effective strategies and resources in practice development.”

Health Elements is a joint venture between one of LaValle’s companies: Integrative Health Resources, a renowned provider of medical information, health and wellness programs, consulting services and products focused on natural therapeutics; and Thorne Research, Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing nutritional supplements, which recently partnered with the private Swiss pharmaceutical company, Helsinn.

“Our relationship with Helsinn, together with our joint venture Health Elements, positions us as a leader in expanding services in integrative medicine in the years ahead. Our goal is to join together the expertise of both the pharmaceutical and natural product industries to help improve the quality of people’s lives, and to continue our focus on supporting physician practices,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne Research and co-founder of Health Elements.

“Integrative physicians require easy-to-use professional systems that support the overall care process and that include decision-making tools and technology similar to what we now see in other areas of medicine,” said Andrew Heyman, M.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan. “Health Elements is the first company to encompass all of these aspects and will drive our field to new levels.”

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