Consultant Testimonials
He is one of my favorite speakers: his fund of knowledge, his practical suggestions, his ease of communication of complex material, his ability to toe many things together.
Please...keep them coming!"

Karen Koffler, M.D.

  Having the training provided through Life Time Fitness involving Jim LaValle has made me a better Nutrition Coach for my clients."

Amanda Wittig, RD, NASM

  Jim Lavalle and his wife were instrumental in helping me understand how to put together those tough puzzles. Metabolism is a complicated web of systems and pathways that can be affected by stress, sleep, toxins, micronutrient deficiencies, compromised immune systems, food intolerances, and many more. I want to thank Jim Lavalle for opening my eyes to the intricacies of metabolism and how to solve those challenging puzzles. I have helped clients lose over 100 pounds, finish their first Ironman triathlon, get off their diabetic medications."

Melanie Stuart, MS, RD, LD, CPT

  Training with Jim LaValle was a very enlightening and refreshing experience. A lot of nutrition programs and ideas are based on the idea of calories in calories out. However, it is much much more than that. Numerous systems and pathways affect our metabolism and our body’s ability to manage weight and be healthy. The interesting fact is that they are all related in an integrative web. LaValle described the relationships in dynamic triads.

Not only did I gain a clearer view of the metabolic relationships, LaValle’s training allowed me to implement a more systematic and efficient approach to helping clients reach their goals. LaValle’s training gave me the confidence to be able to really look at the trends of lab values from both a treatment and preventative standpoint.

I can’t thank Jim and Laura LaValle enough for sharing their knowledge and practices with us. My training from the LaValles solidified that taking a whole body metabolism approach to improving health and weight is correct."

Andrea Seminara, RD, CPT

  LaValle’s teachings confirmed to me the huge correlation between immunity and the gut, and that 70% of our immunity starts in that sensitive gut lining. My symptoms that I was experiencing were truly “food allergen” related and that if I was having a “food allergen” symptom, it wouldn’t necessarily mean itchy, swollen eyes or a closed throat. Looking into all of my symptoms, this all started to make sense. He also confirmed my speculation of how common the “gluten allergy/intolerance” really is and how often it goes misdiagnosed.

With the orders in place, my new, personal, nutrition plan for myself was to eliminate the big G out of all of my meals and snacks. Within weeks, my gastrointestinal symptoms were gone! No longer do I feel bloated, gassy, or have infrequency with bowel movements.

Thank you LaValle for helping me and my clients really correlate and dig deeper into our symptoms that are commonly looked over into today’s medical world."

Anika Christ, RD, CISSN


My educational training with Jim LaValle re-emphasized the importance of “more than calories in, calories out.” LaValle educated me on how factors such as: stress, sleep, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, digestion, toxins, and hormonal balance can impact one’s success, and certain dietary supplements that can be recommended based off of nutrition assessments and lab testing.

Nutrition Coaches are supposed to be the healthiest people you meet, right? Before attending LaValle’s training I was required to complete an Adrenal Hormone Saliva Profile (a test that measures cortisol or stress levels at four different times during the day), as well as a Complete Blood Count (measured things such as: Sodium, Calcium, Protein, as well as additional markers). Again, I thought I was “healthy,” and according to my doctor that I see once a year, I am healthy! However, based off of my labs, I learned how my high levels of stress and certain marginal deficiencies were impacting my health, weight management, and sports performance. Some tweaks in my diet and the addition of several supplements has allowed me to see wonderful changes in my sleep, energy, satiety, and increased recovery between my workouts."

Abby McQueeney Penamonte, RD


Working as a Life Time Dietitian, I make sure that clients begin making healthy lifestyle changes by consuming the right amount of calories filled with high quality foods, as well as beginning with an individualized heart rate zone based exercise program with a Personal Training professional. Although those things are important, and many clients began to feel better and see results, there are still many people who struggle. Why would that be? I wondered the same thing until LaValle revealed how many MORE issues are involved with weight loss than just calories in/calories out. The body is like a machine that has to be well oiled in order for each function to work properly. If a bodily function is not working efficiently, it can set off a chain reaction of issues that have to be addressed. Once we uncover what is out of sync, we need to balance and heal what isn’t working right using high-quality supplements, consuming high quality food to power every bodily function correctly, beginning an exercise program specific to personal needs to become strong again, and control stress!

LaValle has emphasized that chronic stress is often the culprit responsible for the weight loss frustrations I encounter in my practice. It could be emotional, physiological, or both as one can easily lead to the other. By listening carefully to my client and reviewing his or her blood work, I can detect when stress is a major roadblock to success. With medications, food intolerances people are unaware of, lack of sleep and/or stress relieving activities, chronic stress can disrupt numerous mechanisms in a person’s metabolism resulting in poor digestion and malnutrition, inflammation in various parts of the body, headaches, cravings, lethargy, and anxiety to just name a few! No wonder getting in those workouts can be tough if we are feeling that way! Once chronic stress takes hold of our bodies and large amounts of stress hormones are constantly being released, we become vulnerable to the issues mentioned above and more.
Since LaValle’s workshop, clients and I are able to reach beyond how much they eat and work out, and finally listen to their bodies in order to gradually shift into balance again with the help of the right supplements, high quality food without aggravating ingredients, exercise, and stress relief."

Jessica Grudsky, RD, LDN

  Jim LaValle’s training helped me think deeper than the surface issues and uncover what is truly preventing clients from reaching their weight loss goals. Examining individual’s blood work has been vital in making appropriate recommendations as this is the evidence behind what clients are putting into their bodies. Not to mention, how their bodies are responding. Allowing clients to perform an anti-aging blood profile has enabled me to educate on feeling strong and healthy all the years of their life. For example, an individual with an elevated C-Reactive Protein would need to consider battling the inflammation with nutritional supplementation of fish oil, utilizing the sauna three days a week to remove toxins from their body, and incorporating several servings of non-starchy vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit. Additional dietary recommendations such as adding healthy fats and lean protein, and decreasing the amount of carbohydrate in the diet will allow clients to reach a healthy body weight, feel energized all day long, and achieve optimal ranges in their blood work."

Jessica Janik, MS, RD, LD

  Jim LaValle’s books, resources, and presentations have solidified my belief that we all have more control over the preservation of our health than even the strongest genetic predispositions. As I listened to and worked with LaValle I could feel my role as a Health & Fitness Professional changing. No longer do I assess an individual to simply determine calories in & calories out. My recommendations are built around how to help the person in front of me feel better, regain control of their metabolism, manage stress, believe in their own power to control their health and improve it."

Paul Kriegler, RD

Patient Testimonials
  I am simply amazed at the quality of care taken in James LaValle's institute. Within 24 hrs after taking my medicine I was sleeping 100% better and feeling better. LaValle and his staff really took the time to answer any questions I had. If anyone is debating on trying your way of doing things please have them contact me. The best investment You can make in the world is the one in yourself!!!!!!
Keep up the good work LaValle Institute."

Michael Visocky

  I am a 64 year old man who has had a 30 year career in the financial consulting world. My career has endured many years of stress and frequent traveling. All of this should have taken a serious toll on my health and body. But I was fortunate to have met Jim LaValle 20 years ago. I have been following his advice and supplement regiment all during these 20 years. Today, I am frequently mistaken for being in my early 40's. I still play competitive sports, especially my first love, softball. Most of my teammates and opponents are 25-45 years younger than I. While I attribute some of my good fortune to good genetics, most comes from the benefits I have received over the years from the "LaValle" program I have followed!"

Steve Hussey

  I have always been a fanatic about healthy and natural healing. So, two years ago when a rash appeared bilaterally, I did not want the band-aid approach I new I would get from a primary care physician and sought out Jim LaValle. I had the metabolic assessment which identified the various systems in my body that were out of balance and through a blood sample, they identified a fungus which was the root of the rash. I followed the recommended regime of supplements and the wheat free, dairy free, gluten free diet for a period of time and low and behold the rash was gone and I have never felt better. My body is in balance and has been detoxified by eliminating harmful foods. I made the commitment to myself to feel this good, this healthy all the time and so far, it’s been well worth it!"

Maggie Hessling

  Our health is important to us. Jim LaValle and the LaValle Metabolic Institute has provided us, our family, friends, adults and children with the knowledge, enthusiasm, insight and supplements, to enjoy each day living and doing out best."

Ted Thieman
Vandalia, OH


  I am a cancer patient and have been going to LaValle Metabolic Institute for help. Jim LaValle has helped me keep the rest of my body healthy so it can fight the cancer. I would recommend LaValle Metabolic Institute to anyone. I think if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be around right now. After talking to him, he made everything look different, so much brighter. So, if you are ill or you just need to have a healthy body, I recommend you to go to LaValle Metabolic Institute. They can really help you feel better."

Linda Shanks
Greenfield, OH


  Jim, Thank you for the fact that you are a genius and for helping Emily yesterday whom I referred. I have actually never met her, only talked to her. She is the niece of my coworker and her story was so sad. She was so excited when she left your office and she feels she has control of her life again. You did this for me too. I was always so downtrodden after cancer treatment and you always bolstered me and made so much sense in your assessment. Thank you, Jim, for being there and being what you are. There are a whole lot of us who believe in you."

Susan Barrett
Cincinnati, Ohio


  I had the pleasure of meeting Jim LaValle approximately 5-6 years ago. His clinic was in the same fitness facility where I trained several of my clients. Being a registered nurse and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I am not a stranger to the health and wellness arena as well as alternative medicine. Jim’s approach to wellness is somewhat amazing, however. I have witnessed countless patients by now, my self included; seek Jim’s help in tackling, treating, and or supporting anything from cancer and autism to chronic fatigue and obesity. Jim’s approach is holistic in nature, seeking the underlying cause of a situation, and dong what it takes to correct that, at the same time supporting the traditional medical approach to treating disease and illness. His success is staggering!

Personally, I began seeing Jim for “restless legs”, lack of mid-day energy, and chronic joint pain. Because I “burn the candle at both ends” working long hours and then always finding an hour or so everyday to workout myself, I hardly thought there could be a “magic cure!” To my surprise Jim counseled me on how to tweak my diet, strengthen my immune system with adrenal and thyroid support and “quieted” my restless legs. Because I have a very arthritic knee from running, I will always have some discomfort. However, with the nutritional and supplement support Jim recommends, I’m still running!

I now have several family members and friends seeing Jim! They too are first amazed and then hooked! Thank you Jim for being the expert and professional you are! Because of you, many of us are stronger, healthier, and with any luck will live a lot longer!"

Missy Hawthorne
Cincinnati, OH


  The first thing that comes to mind regarding the staff at LaValle Metabolic Institute is that they take the time needed to be thorough. Secondly, I appreciate LaValle’s alternative way of looking at health. MDs only prescribe what has been approved by the FDA and for the FDA to approve something it must be toxic and therefore poisonous for the body and in need of regulation. The medical community can only help to maintain a disease condition. They offer nothing to maintain health or assist in returning to a state of health. LaValle’s approach is to assist people in returning to health not maintaining their disease.

Personally, at age 41, after seven pregnancies and nursing and home schooling five children, I was overweight, pre-diabetic, anxious, exhausted and weak. I filled out LaValle’s lengthy questionnaires. My first meeting was very exciting. After meeting with Dr. Pelletier, Jim LaValle, and Pam Cordes I had a plan for restoring my health. With a multi-pronged approach using acupuncture and Chinese herbs through Dr. Peter Sheng, eating low-glycemic food regularly, daily walking and running, weights, stretching, and additional supplements from LaValle, I lost 25 pounds in 4 months. Also, I have more and more consistent energy with less irritability.

Seeing my success, I persuaded my best friend and mother to go to LMI and they have had similar experiences. I am very grateful to the staff at LaValle for helping us who want to work at being healthy."

Anne Gutherie
Russellville, OH


  At 5’ 3.5” tall, 200 pounds is considered grossly obese but I never felt that way. I felt normal. The weight came on so slowly that I got used to it and rationalized that I looked as good as most other folks my age. I thought my health was pretty good until I started getting unprovoked, spontaneous nose bleeds. My blood pressure would spike to 185/125 for no apparent reason. I was on one blood pressure medication (Atenolof) that was not controlling the high blood pressure and adding a second medication (HCTZ-diuretic) did not help. I wanted to lose weight to improve my appearance but most of all I knew I needed to improve my health and control my blood pressure.

James LaValle, N.D. had helped me with a Candida overgrowth problem years before so I contacted him about my current situation and goals. He told me right from the started that I needed to take specific supplements that my body required, exercise, and modify my diet. That is not what I wanted to hear and I resisted. Eventually I agreed to take supplements. I took supplements for about a year without exercising or modifying my diet and I did not get the results I wanted. James was patient but gently reminded me I needed to take specific supplements that my body required, exercise, and modify my diet in order to see the results I wanted.

The first 2 weeks of my new lifestyle I was tired, got mild headaches, and felt generally achy but then I noticed changes. The weight just started to fall off. I lost 50 pounds in about 9 months and I was not craving food or feeling hungry in any way. I ate a lot of food but they were all good foods. After the major weight loss my blood pressure came under control and I was able to reduce my medications to Atenolol alone. I hope to stop taking that eventually, if possible. My cholesterol numbers improved dramatically. My triglycerides and LELs decreased and my HDLs increased. My appearance improved as well. Other changes I did not expect: I don’t snore any longer at night, I am no longer congested when I wake in the morning, and my morning breath, although not minty fresh, is not nearly as nasty as it used to be. I appreciate James LaValle N.D., John Zerbe M.D., and everyone else at the Living Longer/Pro Scan Imaging center for being patient and supportive with me through this adventure. All of these changes are now part of my much healthier life style. I believe this has greatly improved my overall health, probably extended my life by many years, and reduced my risk of developing degenerative conditions later in life (like diabetes, heart conditions,…)

Update – 3 years later: I have kept the weight off. I keep my weight between 125 and 140 pounds which is good for me. I do still watch what I eat and if I eat too many processed carbs for too long it’s hard to get back into a healthy diet but I’m doing well. I still exercise but I add in weight lifting/interval exercises now 3 times a week with my cardio/elliptical and Pilates every now and then. My thyroid seems to have slowed down. I was very cold all the time so I take a low dose of Armour Thyroid now and due to genetics I may have to take high blood pressure medications in the future, but not yet. I take my supplements and see James about once a year for a checkup and Dr. Zerbe for yearly checkups to keep me on track. This is a life long program and I feel great, look great and can do more than ever before. I still appreciate James LaValle N.D., John Zerbe, M.D., and everyone else at the Living Longer/Pro Scan Imaging center for being patient and supportive with me through this adventure and for many years to come."

Debbie Bomkamp