Jim has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world. From his training and practice to serving members of his community, here is what some people had to say. 

He is one of my favorite speakers: his fund of knowledge, his practical suggestions, his ease of communication of complex material, his ability to toe many things together.
 Please…keep them coming!”

Karen Koffler


Training with Jim LaValle was a very enlightening and refreshing experience. A lot of nutrition programs and ideas are based on the idea of calories in calories out. However, it is much much more than that. Numerous systems and pathways affect our metabolism and our body’s ability to manage weight and be healthy. The interesting fact is that they are all related in an integrative web. LaValle described the relationships in dynamic triads.

Not only did I gain a clearer view of the metabolic relationships, LaValle’s training allowed me to implement a more systematic and efficient approach to helping clients reach their goals. LaValle’s training gave me the confidence to be able to really look at the trends of lab values from both a treatment and preventative standpoint.

I can’t thank Jim and Laura LaValle enough for sharing their knowledge and practices with us. My training from the LaValles solidified that taking a whole body metabolism approach to improving health and weight is correct.

Andrea Seminara


I have always been a fanatic about healthy and natural healing. So, two years ago when a rash appeared bilaterally, I did not want the band-aid approach I new I would get from a primary care physician and sought out Jim LaValle. I had the metabolic assessment which identified the various systems in my body that were out of balance and through a blood sample, they identified a fungus which was the root of the rash. I followed the recommended regime of supplements and the wheat free, dairy free, gluten free diet for a period of time and low and behold the rash was gone and I have never felt better. My body is in balance and has been detoxified by eliminating harmful foods. I made the commitment to myself to feel this good, this healthy all the time and so far, it’s been well worth it! Maggie Hessling


Having the training provided through Life Time Fitness involving Jim LaValle has made me a better Nutrition Coach for my clients.”

Amanda Wittig


LaValle’s teachings confirmed to me the huge correlation between immunity and the gut, and that 70% of our immunity starts in that sensitive gut lining. My symptoms that I was experiencing were truly “food allergen” related and that if I was having a “food allergen” symptom, it wouldn’t necessarily mean itchy, swollen eyes or a closed throat. Looking into all of my symptoms, this all started to make sense. He also confirmed my speculation of how common the “gluten allergy/intolerance” really is and how often it goes misdiagnosed.

With the orders in place, my new, personal, nutrition plan for myself was to eliminate the big G out of all of my meals and snacks. Within weeks, my gastrointestinal symptoms were gone! No longer do I feel bloated, gassy, or have infrequency with bowel movements.

Thank you LaValle for helping me and my clients really correlate and dig deeper into our symptoms that are commonly looked over into today’s medical world.

Anika Christ


I am a 64 year old man who has had a 30 year career in the financial consulting world. My career has endured many years of stress and frequent traveling. All of this should have taken a serious toll on my health and body. But I was fortunate to have met Jim LaValle 20 years ago. I have been following his advice and supplement regiment all during these 20 years. Today, I am frequently mistaken for being in my early 40’s. I still play competitive sports, especially my first love, softball. Most of my teammates and opponents are 25-45 years younger than I. While I attribute some of my good fortune to good genetics, most comes from the benefits I have received over the years from the “LaValle” program I have followed! Steve Hussey


Jim Lavalle and his wife were instrumental in helping me understand how to put together those tough puzzles. Metabolism is a complicated web of systems and pathways that can be affected by stress, sleep, toxins, micronutrient deficiencies, compromised immune systems, food intolerances, and many more. I want to thank Jim Lavalle for opening my eyes to the intricacies of metabolism and how to solve those challenging puzzles. I have helped clients lose over 100 pounds, finish their first Ironman triathlon, get off their diabetic medications.

Melanie Stuart


My educational training with Jim LaValle re-emphasized the importance of “more than calories in, calories out.” LaValle educated me on how factors such as: stress, sleep, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, digestion, toxins, and hormonal balance can impact one’s success, and certain dietary supplements that can be recommended based off of nutrition assessments and lab testing.

Nutrition Coaches are supposed to be the healthiest people you meet, right? Before attending LaValle’s training I was required to complete an Adrenal Hormone Saliva Profile (a test that measures cortisol or stress levels at four different times during the day), as well as a Complete Blood Count (measured things such as: Sodium, Calcium, Protein, as well as additional markers). Again, I thought I was “healthy,” and according to my doctor that I see once a year, I am healthy! However, based off of my labs, I learned how my high levels of stress and certain marginal deficiencies were impacting my health, weight management, and sports performance. Some tweaks in my diet and the addition of several supplements has allowed me to see wonderful changes in my sleep, energy, satiety, and increased recovery between my workouts. Abby McQueeney Penamonte


Our health is important to us. Jim LaValle and the LaValle Metabolic Institute has provided us, our family, friends, adults and children with the knowledge, enthusiasm, insight and supplements, to enjoy each day living and doing out best. Ted Thieman